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The Banda 100 Spirit Duplicator

This duplicator reproduced short runs of hand written or typed originals in a range of colours. It was particularly useful in schools and colleges for work sheets and exam papers. For some reason, purple, green and red reproduced better than black.

A dye was transfered to a sheet of paper by pressure (pen or typewriter), then mounted on the drum. Alcohol fumes dampened the dye sufficiently to transfer some of the dye to the copy paper. About 130 copies could be made from one master.

This example is electric, but can be used with a handle.


Place the master paper shiny side down on the coloured transfer sheet (purple, green, red, black etc).

As your draw on the master sheet the dye is transferred onto the back of the master sheet in reverse.

Clamp the master onto the drum with the reverse side showing.

Check that there is spirit (alcohol) on the fabric in the tray beneath the drum (there is a button to prime the tray from a resevoir below).

Put the copy paper into the flat tray.

Plug in and press the lever down to start the machine.

Any length of paper upto 17 inches (43 cms) could be used. The standards were foolscap (13 ins, 33 cms long) and quarto (10 ins, 25.4 cms long). The current standard is A4 (11 11/16 ins, 29.6 cms long).