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There were just under 200 milestones in Ceredigion, most of which were erected along the roads that were improved or established by the Turnpike Trustees, formed by acts of Parliament for Cardiganshire in 1770, 1791, 1813, 1833 and 1835.There are now about 100 milestones in the county.


There were 22 toll gates at the time of the Rebecca Riots (1843-1844): these were reduced to 16 by 1864. The collection of tolls ceased on the 1st April, 1889.


The roads of the County were divided into two sections, north and south, which were run by different committees.The stones in the south of the county are distinct from those of the north (with a few exceptions): those in the south have flat or slightly curved top, those in the north have semicirc;ular tops.


In 1896, the committee for the north of the county agreed to order 44 new milestones from Messrs Rees Edwards and Co. of Llanddewi Brefi at 25 shillings each (£1.25) including engraving and delivery: these, almost certainly, are the ones visible on the main roads in the north today. A few earlier stones survive, in addition to the cast-iron posts made in 1894. No records have been found that establish the date of those in the south.

There was a general directive at the beginning of the Second World War that milestones were to be hidden, and another after the war that they were to be replaced. No records have been discovered that show whether this was done in Ceredigion.

There were presumably milestones at every mile along the Turnpike roads.

Milestones are marked on the first Ordnance Survey maps (surveyed early 1820s, published 1834-1837)