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A bidding was an invitation by mouth or printed letter to a wedding feast on the night before the wedding (y neithior). The guests were encouraged to give the couple a present which would be repaid at an appropriate event such as the wedding of members of the giver's family.

The last known bidding in south Cardiganshire was held in 1887. It lasted longer in north Ceredigion.

bidding letter

Jenkins, David, (1971), The Agricultural Community in South-West Wales, p. 133

The speech of a Gwahoddwr in Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire in 1762 'The intention of the bidder is this; with kindness and amity, with decency and liberality for Einion Owain and Llio Ellis, he invites you to come with your good will on the plate; bring current money; a shilling, or two, or three, or four, or five; with cheese and butter. We invite the husband and wife, and children and man-servants and maid-servants, from the greatest to the least. Come there early, you shall have victuals freely, and drink cheap, stools to sit on, and fish if we can catch them; but if not, hold us excusable; and they will attend on you when you call upon them in return'

Meyrick, Samuel, History of Cardiganshire, (1807), p.

Bidding letters on Gathering the Jewels