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This web site contains a brief description of most of the displays in Ceredigion Museum, and a more detailed description of every item on display in the agricultural, cottage and dairy exhibitions (and some of the items in the domestic displays) along with a description of activities involved in food production and processing.

Coliseum interior 1

These are amply illustrated with photographs and drawings.

Most of the objects in the museum's collection were made or used in Ceredigion between 1850 - 1950 (but some are difficult to date accurately) and most of the pictures are of Ceredigion people and places.

The site contains a lot of detail, but normally each page contains only a little. Each page includes links to other relevant pages which should help answer any questions that pupils may pose when looking at a museum object, either to get more detail, or to put detailed information into a wider context.

An effort has been made to make the information easy to understand, without compromising accuracy. Differences in methods, materials and traditions from time to time and place to place have been incorporated in the web site, so it is possible to see that for some activities south Ceredigion had different traditions to the north, and developments in technology brought about changes in the materials used to make implements which in turn brought about changes in farming practice and ultimately in social structure.