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Ciliau Parc school, Ceredigion

There are thousands of photographs of groups of school children, with their teachers. These were normally taken in the playground by a local photographer. The name of the class and the date were sometimes written on a slate and held by one of the pupils.

The Victorian and Edwardian photographs (1880 – 1911) often show the boys in heavy wool jackets, waistcoats and medium-length trousers, with ties, stiff collars, caps and heavy hob-nailed boots. They were probably dressed up in their best clothes for the photograph and not the clothes that they may have normally worn to school. It is likely that they wore jackets to school every day, but probably not the stiff collars and ties. The girls are often shown wearing white cotton pinafores over their dresses which is what they may have worn every day. Like the boys, many of the girls would have worn heavy boots to school. They needed these because many of them would have walked several miles to and from school each day on rough roads and muddy fields. They must have been very noisy on the wooden floor boards of the classrooms.

The children photographed during the interwar period (1920s and 1930s) are probably recorded wearing what they wore every day. Much of this was knitted, and looks much more comfortable than the photographs of their parent's generation.

Llanon School, 1890s
Eglwys-fach school, 1890s
Ciliau Parc school, Ceredigion
Felin Fach school, 1905
Alexandra Road School, 1894
Penuwch School, 1901