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Court Cupboard 3

Exhibition number: Displays 6


This exhibit has been prepared to illustrate points about conservation and restoration.


This 18th century cupboard (cwpwrdd deuddarn) was stored for a number of years in a chicken shed, resulting in a total loss of surface finish.

Various sections have been lost.

The top section has been attacked by dry-rot. Woodworm has attacked the sap-wood in the back and the sides.

Large holes in the base and backboard are evidence of vermin attempting to find food.

The original metal fixings have corroded and the colour of the wood has lightened.


In cleaning and reviving the surface we attempt to bring out the original colour of the timber. The finish applied is so as to fix the natural colour and protect the wood. Light timber will tend to darken with age, darker timber will lighten.


This cupboard is totally hand-made. Even though the item looks symmetrical there is a slight difference in measurement between all sections.

When restoring such an item it is necessary to use the same methods of construction using hand tools.

Replacing missing parts or repairing damaged areas must be sympathetic to the original piece. As little as possible of the original is replaced during restoration, such as the jointing of new timber onto old.

Note the replaced timber on top left hand portion.

Replacing missing parts might be difficult if there is no remaining evidence.Note the replaced drawer before and after colour matching.


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