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Aberystwyth was one of the first towns in Wales to have a gas supply. Gas was first made in Aberystwyth in 1838 at the gas works at the town end of Park Avenue. Some private houses were connected and 80 gas lamps were installed in the streets. Before the coming of the railway coal, which was used to make the gas, was brought by sea. The Aberystwyth gas works were enlarged in 1870 and moved to a new site in Llanbadarn in 1900. Gas was used in most houses in Aberystwyth in the 1920s and many were still using it for lighting during the Second World War. The Lampeter gas works were built in 1869: coal was brought to the works by the newly constructed Manchester and Milford Railway. Gas was later produced by the "Lampeter, Llandysul, Tregaron and Aberaeron Gas Company" implying that gas was distributed widely. In Cardigan, a gas works was built in the 1860s and the street oil lamps were replaced with gas lamps. Gas was produced there until the town was connected to the National Electricity Grid in 1960. Many areas of Ceredigion are still not connected to mains gas.

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