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Neuadd, Llanon

There are very few remains of the Tudors in Ceredigion. Very few buildings of this period survive in the county: the few that were built then appear to have been extensively rebuilt.

The only building that is thought to be of the Tudor period is the ruins of a house called Neuadd (hall) at Llanon, next to the cottage that Ceredigion Museum owns. Like the cottage, it has a central through passage with a room on both sides. One room has a fireplace on the side wall which is typical of the Tudor period. We know little of the history of the building but its name implies that it may have been more important than others nearby: it is certainly larger than most other buildings would have been.

The Museum has one coin of the period from Aberystwyth Castle but no pottery. The Castles were decaying and out of use and the few archaeological excavations in Aberystwyth and Cardigan towns yielded no Tudor finds.

There are very few historical documents for this period: most relate to legal disputes, payments of dues and land ownership; a few deal with the history of the gentry families.