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wood display

Exhibition number: Displays 18

Many of the items on show in Ceredigion Museum are made of wood. Here we show examples of the most common types of wood used to make these objects.Although trees are divided into two botanical groups, hard and softwoods, this does not mean that the hard woods are all hard and the softwoods are all soft.

In these displays along the gallery you can find examples of various types of wood and can examine the way in which carpenters constructed the furniture. Traditionally musical instruments and toys were also made of wood.

Identifying wood

It is very difficult to identify wood without taking a sample and examining it under a microscope. Colour, grain pattern and weight can help us to identify various types. A few common varieties are displayed here along with descriptions of character.

Stains, varnishes and darkening with age can make identifying old wood in furnitureeven more difficult. With over 30,000 identified hardwoods and 100 softwoods that's no surprise.


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