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Coliseum projector

Exhibition number: Displays 3

One of the two Kalee projectors which were housed in a concrete projection box on the top gallery.

The Coliseum was converted to a cinema in January 1932 by Mr Harry Gale. He first installed 'the latest Talkie Machine - 'British Acoustic' considered the finest on the Market' but it was replaced in June 1934 by 'the latest machine for Talkies, 1934 model'.

This Kalee D L Vulcan Arc lamp projector, also made by British Acoustic, was probably bought after 1949.

The light was produced by passing a high voltage of electricity across a gap between two carbon rods (carbon arc). The gap between the ends of the rods had to be the same at all times. This was controlled by a motor and gears in the back.

The main lens is missing.

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