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pre 1700: Self-sufficient farming. Potatoes introduced.

1784: Formation of the Cardiganshire Agricultural Society.

1864: First trains. Droving began to come to an end.

1871: Population of Cardiganshire reached a peak. Emigration to south Wales, London and abroad caused a decrease until the 1950s.

1875: First agricultural machines.

1880s: Agricultural depression

1890s: First binders - they replaced the lost labour and changed the relationships between farmer and farm workers - the biggest change for male farm workers

1900: First cream separators - the biggest change for female farm workers.

1917: First tractors, but they were not to become common until the 1940s.

1900-1920s: Large estates broken up. More farmers owned their own farms.

1933: Milk Marketing Board established. Increase in dairy herds, fewer store cattle, end of farm milk processing.

1930s: Economic depression. Much unemployment.