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Travel Posters display

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Travel posters were published by railways to encourage people to travel by train to holiday destinations. The pictures were often commissioned by Railway Companies from artists who became well known for this sort of work. Some of the pictures were also used by the Aberystwyth Town Council for posters and on the covers of the Aberystwyth Guide book and these include the various addresses of the Aberystwyth Tourism Bureau manager.

Hundreds of British travel posters were produced between 1930 and 1950.

Artist included in the Ceredigion Museum poster collection include:
Claude Buckle, R.I., (1905-1973)

Jack Merriott, R.I., (1901-1968) including two original sketches for posters

Michael Reilly (1898 - )

Leonard Richmond, R.O.I., (1889 – 1965)

Harry Riley, R.I., (1895 - )

Sir Herbert Alker Tripp (1883 – 1954)

One stylised image is by an unknown artist

R.I. = Royal Institute of Painters in watercolours
R.O.I. = Royal Institute of Painters in oil paints



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Claude Buckle
Jack Merriott 1
Michael Reilly 1
Leonard Richmond
Harry Riley 1[Cymreag]Harry Riley 1[/Cymreag]
Harry Riley 2[Cymreag]Harry Riley 2[/Cymreag]
Harry Riley 3
Alker Tripp