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Mementos display

Exhibition number: Displays 36

The first tourists came to Ceredigion during the 1780s but there were few souvenir shops until the coming of the railways (in 1864 from the east, 1867 from the south). Local shops began to advertise souvenirs, especially photographs and albums of prints of local views. Amongst the latter were Rock and Co's and Newman and Co's albums of rather poor prints of local views and Welsh costumes. Some of these images appeared as transfer prints on china during the 1870s and 1880s. Other china has prints that date to around 1900.

Transfer prints were also applied to wooden objects, especially on 'Mauchline Ware' (Scotland and Birmingham, 1829-1937). Tunbridge ware consists of items decorated with marquetry pictures. Stanhopes included miniature photographs set in small trinkets such as binoculars, pens etc which could be viewed through a built-in magnifying glass: these were made in France from 1859.


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