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Seren Bell

Seren Bell, sheep

Born Tiverton, Devon Lives Erwood, Powys

Seren Bell is an artist specialising in detailed pen and ink drawings, and more recently coloured pencil drawings, of rare breed farm animals in the main but also other animals. She is inspired by mid-Wales where she lives and works. Trained at Exeter Univeristy in Fine Art and English (1973).

'I passed slowly from sheep's face to sheep's face to meet a wondering gaze, a wild melancholy, a challenge from a heavy lidded eye.' She says, 'I have a deep anity for all animals, but it is sheep I return to.'

Ceredigion is fortunate to have several works by Seren Bell. Some of her works have been on display in local County Offices for fifteen years. The Coliseum is alsothe permanent home to an early Seren Bell figure drawing 'The Reapers'.

Black Sheep, 1996
pen and ink drawing
catalogue number 1996.33.21

Transferred from Dyfed County Council Art Collection